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Russian Society of Intervention Oncoradiology (SIOR of Russia) is created and registered in 2006.
The reasons of creation of SIOR were the prompt development of intervention radiology and high requirement of this technique in medicine, including oncology, necessity of discussion of the experience, the publication in printed and electronic magazines, necessity of perfection in training of experts - intervention radiologists.

Today SIOR is represented in 42 regions of Russia.
31 members of  SIOR are  the intervention radiologists from 10 countries of near and distant foreign countries. 
There are the Directions of Scientific - Practical activities of SIOR:

• I – Puncture Technology:
– Biopsy, Aspiration,
– Drainage, Decompression,
– Vertebroplasty,
– Radiofrequency Thermoablation
• II – Patency Restoration:
– Dilatation of pathological strictures,
– Prosthetics,
– Anastomoses
• III – Intravascular Interventions :
– Embolization and Embolotherpy,
– Cava filter implantation,
– Removal of Foreign bodies,
– Haemostatic
• IV – Occlusion of Pathological Vessels

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